How it all began .....


In 2009 I lost my grandmother to bowel cancer. I quickly knew that I wanted to do something special in her memory, I also wanted to help save others from dying from cancer too. 

Being a West Ham United fan,  I knew that my footballing hero Bobby Moore had also died from the same disease.  I made plans for a special fundraising walk that would take me 3 days, I was  just 9 years old.

I set off from Wembley Stadium determined to reach my destination, West Ham United Football Club, and raise £10,000 in funds and lots of awareness about bowel cancer along the way.  I wore a special fundraising t shirt that listed names of other people lost to cancer.  The names were given to me by their families.

I walked for three days accompanied by my parents, friends and supporters along the way.  At the end of my challenge I read out the names of each of the cancer victims I had walked in memory of.  I had raised £22,000 and had appeared on national and international television raising more awareness than I could have planned.  

Now every year I complete an endurance challenge and plan numerous fundraising events.  Todate I have raised in excess of £350,000 and the charity once estimated I had raised over £1.5 million in awareness saving more lives than I will ever know.  I also speaks at numerous events to inspire others, particularly young people, to join my fundraising journey.