My Challenges

2017 (age 15)

A walk of the Papal Basilcas of Rome

In April 2017 I travelled to Rome with some of the special people who support and take part in my challenges.

I wore a very special t-shirt that included the names of many cancer victims; our angels, their families and loved ones gave me their angel names so that I could walk in their memory.

I carried a special floral tribute and a memorial book that I placed at the altar in St Peters on the last day of the walk.  I delivered over 500 names to The Vatican, it was a very special tribute.


2016 (age 14)

450 mile challenge to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the England winning the 1966 World Cup

In April 2016 I completed a 450 mile challenge to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the England winning the 1966 World Cup.

I travelled to Borussia Dortmund in Germany to receive a full size replica 1966 World Cup.

I cycled and walked across Germany, across The Netherlands, then from Harwich to Wembley Stadium, over a 2 week period, to return the trophy to The Bobby Moore Statue for the 50th anniversary year.

My Challenges for Nanny and Bobby

2015 (age 13)

Cycled and walked the Premier League Clubs

This was my hardest challenge ever.

The weather was really bad and some of the places I cycled were really remote too.

I flew to Newcastle to walk and cycled home via every club in the premier league. I walked from Newcastle FC to Sunderland FC with my friend Lynda Newell, a bowel cancer survivor who became my friend on social media. When I got to Sunderland FC I got on my bike and cycle all of the clubs down to Leicester City FC, I was really lucky because police officers heard about me and gave up their time to come and walk and cycle with me and it really helped me to keep going.

My friend Rob and helpers cycled Southampton FC and Swansea FC to meet me in London at The Olympic Stadium, I then cycled with them to West Ham United where I dismounted and walked the remaining London clubs over 5 days.

It was really hard to complete but it raised a lot of money and awareness for The Bobby Moore Fund and I am really proud that I did it.

2014 (age 12)

Dribbled a football 50 miles over 5 days

In February 2014 I dribbled a football from the centre circle of Southend United to the centre circle of West Ham United, Bobby Moore once managed Southend United.

Lots of scooters rode from Southend pier to the football ground for the start.

My challenge tshirt had over 100 angel names.

2013 (age 11)

A Giant Football Tag of the 92 Football League Clubs

In February 2013 I organised a giant tag of all 92 football league clubs.

Every club captain signed an armband and the armbands passed from club to club by football supporters and were attached to a sash, it took two weeks and I waited at the gates of Upton Park for them to arrive from across the country, it was amazing.

I then carried all 92 armbands on foot to Wembley Stadium to collect the England captains armband and I walked back to Upton Park for my angel ceremony,

I had over 100 angels on my challenge tshirt.

2013 (age 11)

Crossed 3 counties in Ireland on Foot

In April 2013 I travelled to Ireland to walk from my Great Grandfathers resting place in Banbridge to my Great Grandmothers resting place in Belfast.

They both died from cancer too.

2012 (age 10)

Walked from Wembley to West Ham United

In February 2012 I did my walk again, this time lots of people had heard about me and wanted to walk with me.

My angel shirt had 100 names from around the world and I got the nick name ‘The Pied Piper’ because people travelled from as far away as Norway, Australia, Ireland, The Ukraine and more to walk beside me.

2011 (age 9)

Walked from Wembley to West Ham United

In February 2011 I walked from Wembley Stadium to West Ham United in memory of my Nan and Bobby Moore.

I put their names on my challenge tshirt, some friends who had lost loved ones to cancer asked me to wear their angels name on my tshirt too and my challenge tshirt quickly became known as my angel shirt.

I finished at The Champions Statue outside West Ham United and I read out all of the angel names at a special memorial service, this service happens every year now and its called my angel ceremony.

How you can help

Every year I complete a huge challenge in memory of my Nan and Bobby Moore and for the angel names that are sent to me.