Boleyn Ground Commemorative Brick Salvage

A very special project took place during the demolition of The Boleyn Ground to salvage the commemorative bricks installed at West Ham United’s former stadium.

The bricks were purchased by fans and installed in three memorial areas around The Boleyn Ground, all of the bricks bear inscriptions and many are in memory of lost loved ones.

West Ham United has now moved to the London Stadium and the Boleyn Ground is now being demolished.  Rye Demolition have kindly dismantled the memorial walls at the former stadium, brick by brick.

We are pleased to say that many bricks have survived the first phase of the dismantling process and they have been passed to For Nanny and Bobby (FNAB), in aid of The Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK, so that volunteers can return the bricks to the original owners.

We have received many enquiries and hope the following Frequently Asked Questions will help us return your brick to you if you had one.

Please Note

The Boleyn Bricks have been salvaged by a group of Bobby Moore Fund volunteers with the aim of returning as many commemorative bricks to their original owners.

Whilst every effort is being made by the volunteers we cannot ensure that all of the bricks will make it through the salvage process. The bricks are stored in a safe place but there have been efforts by others to obtain these precious mementoes under false pretence and by other means. We do ask for ID from everyone calling in to collect a brick but we do this in good faith. We also have contact details for everyone who has paid for a brick to be posted. We cannot take responsibility for loss of bricks during the Salvage process, in storage or during collection or posting. Please rest assured that we treasure these bricks as much as the original owners do and will do everything in own power to return them to their rightful owners.

How many bricks have so far been salvaged and how can I find out if mine is among them?

Almost 1000 commemorative bricks have been salvaged so far.  The FNAB volunteers have managed to log all of salvaged inscription/bricks.

Click here to search for yours.

I can’t see my inscription/brick listed?

If you cannot find your inscription/brick on the lists  then unfortunately it may not have survived the dismantling process.

Register the inscription you are looking for, if it does turn up we will contact you.

How do I send you details of the inscription on my brick in case you find it?

To speed up the process of locating owners we have added a facility to this page where you can register details of the inscription on your brick, this will enable us to contact should we find it.

If you would like to add your details to the register, please click here.

You have salvaged my brick, how can I collect it?

You can collect your brick from Stour Space Match Day Bar on most home match days if you have pre arranged collection.

Join the Boleyn Brick Salvage Facebook group to keep up to date with collection dates.

What ID do I need to bring with me when I come to collect my brick?

Supporters collecting their brick will be asked to provide a copy of the original certificate of ownership that was issued by West Ham United when the brick was originally purchased and installed in the memorial walls. If you do not have a certificate, alternative ID will be requested.

How can I make a voluntary donation to The Bobby Moore Fund for helping salvage my brick?

You can make a cash donation to the charity on the day of collection or online via all proceeds in aid of the charity.

I cannot collect my brick, can it be posted to me?

If you cannot collect your brick in person we can arrange for it to be posted to you.

If you are a UK citizen please click here to request that your brick be posted to you.  The charge for UK postage is £5 per brick.

If you are an overseas supporter please click here to request a quote.

For overseas we need the same but not linked to paypal.

I thought all of the commemorative bricks were being installed at the new stadium, why didn’t this happen?

It was impossible to guarantee that every brick would make it through the salvage and unfortunately many were damaged in the process.  West Ham United has kindly transferred every inscription from the old bricks onto new granite stones within the ‘Champions Place’ landmark at the London Stadium.  If you would like help locating your new stone please email for more details.

We hope this information is helpful and are proud to have returned many bricks to their original owners, if you have any other questions please email

Special thanks to

Rye Demolition

Barratt Housing

EP Networks

And the amazing volunteers from For Nanny and Bobby in aid of the Bobby Moore Fund