Angels Walk With Me

My Angel Shirt

My angel shirt is very special to me.

I wear it throughout my annual challenge and I make a new one every year with new angel names sent to me during the year.

I often have more than one made because my challenges are over a number of days. The angel names are sent to me from around the world and I have walked for hundreds of cancer angels and I will keep walking for them until I know I have helped to find a cure. Some of the names on the shirt are my family, my Nanny and my great uncles, aunt and great grandad.

Other names are friends of mine, people who I met when they were fighting cancer and they asked me to promise to walk for them if and when the time came.

I keep my promise for the ones who are angels now.

My Angel Ceremony

People from around the world come to walk with me on my challenge, especially on the last day because it is really special.

I carry a large floral tribute for the duration of my last day and I ask friends and family and people who lost loved ones to help me to carry it to the end. Lots of the people walking with me bring flowers too. Everyone is invited to walk with me or wait for me to arrive at the ceremony place

When I reach the end of my journey I stop at the Champions Statue, a statue that pays tribute to Bobby Moore and other 1966 World Cup heroes.

Lots of people wait for me to arrive because that is when I hold my angel ceremony and TV cameras sometimes come along and newspaper reporters too, it helps me raise a lot of awareness for Cancer Research UK

I normally have a brass band playing hymns/songs and the local reverand helps me to say a prayer for everyone I walk for and everyone who is fighting cancer

At the end of the prayer I say thank you to everyone who helped and supported me during my challenge, I then read out the names of the angels I walked for, it’s really special

After the names are called a solo trumpeter plays ‘The Last Post’ and I place my flowers at the foot of the statue. I invite people who have come along to place their flowers too.

How to add an angels name to my shirt or be read out at my ceremony.

People around the world send me names of angels, names of loved ones they have also lost to cancer.

I wear as many as I can on my challenge shirt and honour them in my Angel Ceremony every year.

If you send me an email with your angels name and your details, I will try and include your angels name.