A Little Bit About Me

Why I Fundraise

In 2009 my Nan Lyn died from bowel cancer. I decided I wanted to help save others from dying from cancer too. I knew that Bobby Moore also died from the same disease and I made plans for a special fundraising walk that would take me 3 days, I was 9 years old then.

I organise lots of events for The Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK but my annual challenges are the events that help raise a lot of awareness about bowel cancer.

I have raised over £300,000 to date and I won’t stop until I help find a cure.

My Hobbies & Interests

  • I love to fundraise but when I am not fundraising I love to play football.
  • I am a West Ham United season ticket holder so I go to every home game.
  • I also love carp fishing and I am learning a lot about the sport.
  • Playing on my Xbox is one of my favourite pastimes too.

Awards I Have Won

I am really proud to have won a number of awards for my fundraising. These include:

  • The British Empire Medal awarded to me in the 2015 New Years Honours – I am the youngest ever to have received one.
  • The Diana Legacy Award presented to me by HRH Prince William and Prince Harry
  • British Citizens Youth Award – awarded to me at The House of Lords
  • Points of Light Award – awarded to me by The Prime Minister
  • National Young Fundraiser of the Year – Daily Mirror Pride of Sport
  • National Young Humanitarian of the Year (British Red Cross)
  • National Young Fundraiser of the Year (The Institute of Fundraising)
  • National Young Fundraiser of the Year (Spirit of London Awards)

Winning awards is important to me, not for the recognition but because they help me raise a lot of awareness for cancer research.

My Family

I am really lucky because my family support me a lot with my charity work. My sister Megan has also raised £10,000 for charity.

I live in Kent and have a Jack Russell called Maggie, she is brilliant at playing football and is really good in goal.  Maggie joins me on my walks too and wears a charity tee shirt too.

My Nan was really funny and a little bit crazy, at the time when she passed away I was her only grandson. She has 5 grandchildren now and she would be really proud of them. I miss her a lot.

Some nice things people have said about me

How you can help

Every year I complete a huge challenge in memory of my Nan and Bobby Moore and for the angel names that are sent to me.